Gender-based violence campaigns

Example of on-train assets for the Rail Delivery Group

I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to developing prevention and response campaigns. Grassroots anti-street harassment campaigning and rape and sexual abuse crisis helpline work led me to ten years as a trainer and educator in the UK and Australian Violence Against Women and Girls sectors. In 2014, I co-founded Good Night Out, the campaign for safer nightlife, developing the world’s first workplace education programme for the industry.

I advise on sexual violence prevention communication and education for charitable, public and private sector organisations and communities. I am committed to an inclusive, trauma-informed and accessible ways of working. I believe in applying structural lenses to issues of identity and oppression.

Some recent client work

What I can do

Design of effective and evidence-based gender-based violence campaigns

Bespoke policy consultancy and support

Writing training programmes assets and toolkit delivery for your initiative

Auditing, content review, ‘expert eye’ or ‘critical friend’ services before you launch!

My approach

OURWatch – Primary Prevention Framework
  • Any programmes or interventions should be able to measure the change they seek to make, beyond ‘awareness.’
  • I have been trained in the application of the Primary Prevention Framework by OURWatch. This pioneering model was developed in Australia and uses a structural analysis of power and a practical understanding of how people work. It requires us to clearly differentiate between work that encourages a clear response to gender-based violence, and that which aims to stop it happening in the first place.
  • I typically use the psycho-socio-ecological model of Violence Against Women to design and assess how an intervention can make change at different levels. Questions I will ask:
  • Who is your messaging aimed at and why?
  • Who are you overlooking or making assumptions about?
  • What message does your programme send to survivors of gender-based violence?
  • What does it say to people who have caused harm?
Advisory Positions
  • Safety on Rail Advisory Group 2019-Now
  • Independent Sexual Offences Scrutiny Panel British Transport Police 2017-2019
  • Project Guardian / Report it to Stop It Advisory Group 2012-2016

Case Study: #ReFrametheNight

Client: Hackney Council and City of London Corporation
#ReframeTheNight in Dalston Junction, Nov 2019

Hackney and City of London came together to challenge sexual harassment and assault in nightlife and needed a clear set of messages to promote safer attitudes across both boroughs during the 16 Days of Action against Gender-based Violence 2019. They also required staff training.

I developed #ReframeTheNight, a messaging concept and training package based on busting the common myths around sexual harassment and assault, informed by my work training hundreds of pubs and clubs to respond to sexual harassment.

These myths place the blame on the person who has been targeted, not the person choosing to harass or assault them. Challenging myths helps build a culture of belief, support and accountability, through staff training and public-facing messages online and on-street. It encourages the industry and the public to “reframe” these damaging myths, remixing the rallying cry of ‘Reclaim the Night!’ Launch event coverage in the Hackney Gazette

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