Training and Workshops

Delivering a Train the Trainer day

I have ten years of experience working in frontline sexual and domestic violence services, delivering response and prevention education workshops and training days for professionals, academics, students, children and young people.

I currently deliver a wide range of training packages, with a specialism in consent-based sexual harassment training for workers and employers that activates and embeds policies. I’m happy to help you explore how external training might support your work.

What I can do

Co-design, development and delivery of bespoke training sessions

Scalable Train The Trainer for all packages

Delivery of workplace sexual harassment training, adaptable for your specific needs

Evaluation and Outcomes

My approach

  • Flexible and dynamic: meet participants where they are at
  • Anticipate a range of learning styles in the room
  • Use specialist sexual violence and trauma-informed knowledge in an accessible format
  • Create a safe container for a sensitive subject area
  • Design activities based on specific learning outcomes
  • Acknowledge and name power imbalances
  • Robust approach to sexual violence myth-challenging using a method I developed and now train on: The VERA Method
Training packages I’ve developed and delivered
Specialist VAWG training I’ve delivered for organisations

Women’s Aid (2020-21)

  • ‘Ask Me’ Community Ambassador Training (Over 3 Weeks)
  • Break the Silence: Responding to Domestic Abuse in your Community Series

For Rape Crisis South London (2015-2020)

  • What is Sexual Violence? (for Social workers and other professionals)
  • Sexual Violence and Young People (for Teachers and Youth Workers)
  • Understanding Consent (for University Students)
  • Respectful Relationships (Years 8-12)
  • Pornography (Years 9-12)
  • 6 Week Sex and Gender Programme for year 8-12 (Consent, Body Image, Pornography, and Empowerment)

For Good Night Out Campaign (2014-Now)

  • Understanding and Responding to Sexual Harassment and Assault in Licensed Premises
  • Responding with Compassion to disclosures of Sexual Violence
  • Introduction to Community Accountability
  • Safer Nightlife Spaces for Event Organisers
  • Train the Trainer Day for Frontline Service Trainers
  • Multi-Venue Management Awareness training
  • Bespoke policy-generation workshops for businesses and agecnies
  • Specialist training for Security Agencies on responding to sexual violence and harassment

For Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (2017)

  • Moira Carmody’s Sex, Ethics and Young People (Trained for delivery by Professor Carmody)
  • Vicarious Trauma Stages 1-4 (Award-winning workplace programme for frontline workers)
  • Responding with Compassion (for Professionals)
  • Responding with Compassion (for Educators)
  • Understanding Domestic Violence

Case Study: #TimeTo

Client: National Advertising Benevolent Society

#Timeto is a joint project of the Advertising Association, in collaboration with NABS and WACL, is accelerating its anti-sexual harassment campaign #timeTo.

Appointed as the Lead Trainer and consultant on this project, I developed a 3 hour workshop suitable for staff teams and HR professionals across the British advertising and marketing industries. I collaborated with the #Timeto team, including workers on their specialist support helpline, to create relevant, engaging and interactive content and trained a team of freelance trainers to deliver this.

Get in touch via if you are interested in working together. Please include as much information as possible about your organisation.