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women, music, women in music, women’s music, do-it-yourself (limits, promises, betrayals) counter-institutions, militancy of all strains, wales and the welsh social movements and marginal histories,
transformative justice, community accountability and prison abolition, nightlife and gender and safety (goodnightoutcampaign.orgsexual and domestic violence and interpersonal abuse, gentrification, gender, cities and urbanism, colonialism and language

Writing here is drawn primarily from;

a monthly print column 2010 – 2019 for Maximum Rocknroll

& articles, reviews & interviews for;

The Wire, Huck, The Quietus, The Spark, Wondering Sound, The Independent and The Guardian.

& various zines and books incl;

Modern Hate Vibe zine (est. 2008)
KAGBB (a collaboration with Katie Alice Greer)
Langdon Olgar
Astigmatism (Makina Books)
Women Make Noise (Aurora Metro: Publication: September 2012 ISBN: 978-0-9566329-1-3)

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  1. I just read your article in the ‘spare gender revolution fuck front don’t invade peoples space caves’ zine, and it was really thought provoking and helpful. Just figured I’d let you know it reached someone and I thought it was awesome!

    Thank you!

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